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Ringing Permits

Permits - South Africa

Ringers Please Note:

Kindly inform SAFRING of any change in these contact details. We can be reached at: tel: 021-650-2421; or email: safring[at]

SANBI has additional details on their web (see here) about various permits and there is also a Word document with contact details, so any numbers below do not work, try the Word doc - if there are different contact details that do work, please let SAFRING know so that we can update our web page.

Code Province Address & Contact
EC Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs,
Cacadu Region
P Bag X5001, Greenacres, P.E. 6057

Att: Alan Southwood: applications, motivations, projects, and renewals
Preferably via email: Alan.Southwood [at]
Tel: 041-508-5813
Regional Office Number 041-508-5800
Fax: 086-519-7698

Or, if you cannot contact Alan
Ms Charmaine Struwig
Tel: 041-508-5842
Fax: 041-585-1958
Charmaine.Struwig [at]

Ms Nomakula Stuurman Retired please do not contact
FS Free State Free State Economic Development, Tourism & Environmental Affairs
P/Bag X20801
South Africa
Attention: Cindy at 051-4009526 (seqhobanec[at] or Johannes 051 4009527 (mosiaj[at] ) for any assistance

Download Free State application form Permits free. [There was a R50 charge (2004-2008)].

previous contact (2013) - Tel: 051 400 9513; Fax: 051-400-9523; E-mail: nel [at] DO NOT USE

GP Gauteng (Jhb) Gauteng Permits Office South
Gauteng Nature Conservation
P O Box 8769
Johannesburg 2000

Download permit application Updated 2017 (Click to download)
Download permit application from the GDARD website Updated 2015 (Click to download)
Download new documents (April 2011) here and here.

2015 contact: Heidy Potgieter,

Permits Office, Directorate of Biodiversity Management,

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development 

tel: 011 240 3043, fax: 086 420 2203 / 011 240 3044

e-mail:, website:

11 Diagonal Street, Ground Floor ABSA Building, JOHANNESBURG

Please Note:
The reference requirements when applying for birding permits.
  • A 20 characters field are provided for the reference.
  • No spaces between elements are allowed.
  • Start with Regional Office Pretoria code: CONSP
  • Followed by the clients name: Tom van der Merwe.
  • At the end filled-up all spaces with a X
  • Download memo regarding this reference note Updated 2016 (Click to download)

Note: R70 annually for Gauteng permit (since April 2016) - Permits CPA1, CPA2 and CPA3

GP Gauteng (Pta)

The Gauteng permits office has a branch in Pretoria at the corner of Leyds and Vermeulen street.  The banking details have also changed for payments

The contact person is:
Violet Ndongeni
Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Biodiversity Management: Resource Protection
Permits Office
Tel: (012) 316 1638 Fax: 086 420 2099

  • Download the Permit Application Updated 2017 (Click to download)

  • Note: R70 annually for Gauteng permit (since April 2017) - Permits CPA1, CPA2 and CPA3

    KZ KwaZulu-Natal KZN Wildlife
    Box 13053
    CASCADES 3202

    Attention: Sharon Hughes
    Tel: 033-845-1999 or 033-845-1324
    Fax: 033-845-1747
    Email: permits [at] or Sharronh [at] (may not be valid anymore)
    Emails may also be sent to Brent Coverdale: Brent.Coverdale[at]

    Note: R50 annually for permit (since 2006)

    LP Limpopo

    (prev Northern


    Limpopo Province (updated 29 May 2014)
    Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism
    PO Box 419 


    Att: Vivianne Mazibuko
    Tel: 014-717 1093/3873/5305 and ask for permit office
    Fax: 014-717-3567 
    Note R55 annually for permit. (Price changed on 1 April 2017)

    PROCESS: email your application to Joseph Heymans, tel 014-717-5383, with your SAFRING authority card (and ringing data - see below), then he will verify and pass onto the permit office. He also needs a certified copy of your ID document.
    Once received at permit office the lady above will contact you back with a payment ref-number then only do you do the payment of R55 into the bank account.

    The following extra detail must accompany every application:
    Date, Species name, Safring bird number, Location and Co-ordinates (degrees, minutes and seconds) for every bird caught in the Limpopo province for the previous year’s licence ended. If any of these are left out on the application, a permit will not be issued.
    All the contact details of the applicant with his Safring number must also be included. [add the co-ordinates as a 12 digit number – six for latitude and 6 for longitude].

    Download Limpopo application form

    MP Mpumalanga

    Permits Office
    Mpumalanga Parks Board, P/Bag X11338, Nelspruit, 1200

    narriman [at] or narriman.mtpa [at], 013-759-5348

    Note: R50 fee from 2013

    Download form here

    The new procedures for bird ringing applications will be: [from Dec 2014]

    • Apply/ telephone/ e mail Narriman Shaik of WPS unit of MTPA, narriman [at] or narriman.mtpa [at]
    • WPS will supply/ e mail the new procedures to applicant
    • WPS will check if the application is complete or will request documents or payment fee that might not be not included,
    • WPS will forward the final documents to ornithologist
    • Ornithologist will then evaluate /check/ doc’s of application,, approve the permit, and send docs back to WPS
    • and finally, WPS will issue the Mpu bird ringing permit to the applicant.


    NC Northern Cape Northern Cape Nature Conservation Service
    Department of Environment and Nature Conservation
    Private Bag X6102
    Kimberley 8300
    Marietjie Smit
    MSmit [at]
    Tel: 053 807 7430
    Fax: 0866 597 032 / 086 5151 769
    Departmental Fax: 053 831 3530

    Or David Paulse permits [at]
    Permit cost R50 (from 2008)
    Download new documents (January 2018) here.
    NW Northwest Province Note: June 2015:
    To apply for a permit one should apply through a local office in one of the cities i.e. Rustenburg, Potchefstroom etc. The local office will process the application and send a recommendation to Neddick Mbila of the North West Parks Board Offices in Mafikeng. Only thereafter will the permits be issued. It is also important to state the purpose of the ringing permit i.e. data collection, research on movements, DNA sampling etc.

    Neddick says the local offices follow up on outstanding permits and the process is much quicker this way. If sent to Neddick directly he could still process it but it will take long or might not happen at all.

    Northwest Environmental Conservation
    P/Bag X125
    Mmabatho 2735

    Attention: Neddick Mbila or Daan
    Tel: 018-389-5746, cell: 078-256-1298 or 018 389 5201
    Fax: 018 389 5640
    email: mbila [at] (applications must be by email)

    WC Western Cape

    Manager: Fauna, Flora, CITES & Hunting [new details from Aug 2010]
    CapeNature, Private Bag X29, Gatesville, South Africa 7701
    e-mail: tmoses [at] [2012]
    Tel: +27 (0)21 - 483 0000, Fax: +27 (0)86 556 7734
    Dec 2010: tel: 021-483-0120, Fax: +27 (0)86 556 7734
    Jan 2011: fax to email: 086-528-9677


    How long does it take to obtain your permit?

    Below is a table of how long it has taken HD Oschadleus to obtain his provincial permits in the last 3 years. Other ringers may have had different experiences depending on when, or possibly how, they applied.

    The table shows the number of days from date of application to receiving the permit (if a fax or electronic version was received, this date was recorded, even if the official posted version arrived later). The cost of the permit, if applicable, is shown too.

    Cost R 50 R 50   R 52    
    2008 20 59        
    2009   10 18 21 12 79
    2010   32 3   15 11