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SAFRING Donations

The Stephen Piper Trust

We continue to learn amazing things through bird ringing. SAFRING, the South African Bird Ringing Unit, is at the forefront of these discoveries. For example, migration remains one of the great mysteries of the bird world, one which we would dearly like to conserve for future generations, and one which is severely threatened by global climate change. Most of what we have learnt about the migration, movements and survival patterns of birds is a result of bird ringing.

In spite of its strategic importance, SAFRING faces an uncertain financial future. In order to help solve this problem, a special fund has been created within the BirdLife South Africa Trust, called the "Steven Piper Safring Trust". The income generated by the SAFRING component of the BirdLife South Africa Trust will be used to help keep SAFRING running in perpetuity.

Donations can be made into the Steven Piper Safring Trust fund:

Post a cheque made out to "Steven Piper Safring Trust" and post it to SAFRING, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, 7701

OR deposit in our bank account and fax the deposit slip to 021-650-3434 (SAFRING):

Steven Piper Safring Trust
Account no. 1380 075 602
Westville Branch (138026)

Make your contribution in memory of Steven Piper!

  • Email your name to SAFRING once you have made your contribution (safring [at]

Make your contribution in memory of a ringer!

  • Email the name of the person you would like to make your contribution in memory of, to safring [at]

Contributions in 2015:

Contributions in 2014:

Contributions in 2013:


Franke Bryson 

Ursula Franke and Tom

Elba Swart

Marietjie Jordaan (Safring News auction)

Contributions in 2011:

Contributions in 2010:

Contributions in 2009:

Sir Clive Elliott
Frik, Chris and Eben du Plooy, in memory of Susann du Plooy
Karen Dixon
Ursula Franke-Bryson and Thomas Bryson

Crystelle Wilson
Dorothy Hall
Kathlen Mack
Bill Nortje
Bernard J Madden
Andy Piper

Colleagues of Steven, deposited by Tanya Piper
Karen Dixon
Les Underhill, Sally Hofmeyr, Sue Kuyper
Ezemvelo Ringers Conference profit


Contributions prior to 2009:

Total Contributions: R 5549.00

Judith Hawarden, Johannesburg
RA Knight, Hout Bay
PJ Lor, Pretoria
Wits Bird Club, Johannesburg
George Viljoen
Ursula Franke
Steven Piper

Special Contributions:

Henry Bernitz on his 60th birthday

Des Whitehead on his 60th birthday