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Ordering - Equipment

SAFRING sells rings to registered ringers through UCTs finance dept. 
Other ringing equipment is being contracted out to ECOTONE AFRICA - see below.

SAFRING still has stock of a few nets (see below) and rulers (150mm, 300 mm), as at Feb 2013. 


All other stock should be ordered from Joel Avni, 021-709-0912, 079-403-8969, office [at]

ECOTONE STOCK: download list of available items here (Jul 2013). These items cannot be ordered from SAFRING, but must be ordered directly from Ecotone Africa. The stock includes nets, colour rings, balances, and other equipment.


Chinese nets 

Local rep for Jack Xu Mist Nets:
Colin Williams
tel: 0828950578
Fax 0865377454

Jack Xu Mist Nets
Jin huang hai 2nd st., da xin zhen, jimo city, Qingdao, China
Email:_qdbdwqn at hotmail.com_
MP: +86 15610550283
FAX:+86 543 2251848

Download catalogue here

Other suppliers 
Spring balances: 



SAFRING still has stock of a few nets and rulers (150mm, 300 mm), as at Feb 2013. 

Orders can be placed by email: 

PLEASE NOTE: Postage, packaging and insurance are not included in these prices. 

PLEASE NOTE: A 20% surcharge applies to sales to non-ringers. 

PLEASE NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice, in which case the web price is superceded by the price sent to you in the invoice.

n SAP_Item_no Description SubTotal VAT Total
1 code 12841 1030/12L, 12m, 30x30mesh, 1.6m high, 2 shelf 320.17 44.82 364.99
1 code 12842 1030/18L, 18m, 30x30mesh, 1.6m high, 2 shelf 400.21 56.03 456.24
6 code 12844 1030/18, 18m, 30x30mesh, 3.2m high, 4 shelf 640.34 89.65 729.99