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Bird ringing/banding is the process whereby registered ringers permanently mark wild birds to study their lifecycles (births, deaths, age of breeding and survival rates), habits, populations and movements. To do this metal rings (marked with unique numbers) are attached to the bird for future identification.

We at SAFRING administer all bird ringing within Southern Africa, supplying rings, ringing equipment and services to volunteer and professional ringers. SAFRING curates all the southern African ringing records on site and maintains a close relationship between all other ringing schemes.

We encourage everyone to actively take part in sighting and reporting all ringed birds to us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Top ringer: Ursula Franke-Bryson

Dieter Oschadleus (2017-02-10)

Dane Paijmans

Ursula started ringing in South Africa in 2002, after many training sessions at Wakkerstroom and with individual ringers. Ursula and her husband Tom live in Germany but spend a lot of their time in southern Africa, especially Namibia. She has now ringed over 50000 birds in Africa, probably more than any other single ringer. Barberspan and Ocean and Coasts teams have ringed a lot more than this, but we do not know the totals for individual team members. Ursula has ringed 518 species in African countries, and this number is only surpassed by Malcolm Wilson. Ursula’s top species is the Lark-like Bunting with over 11000 ringed, followed by Cape Sparrow. Ursula has also supported SAFRING with many financial donations over the years. Ringing is not a competition for most birds or species ringed, and we value all data. However, Ursula’s achievement deserves recognition.

Estonian Osprey in KwaZulu-Natal

Dane Paijmans (2017-02-06)

Dane Paijmans

New longevity record for the Red-winged Starling

Dane Paijmans (2016-11-22)

Dane Paijmans

Longevity record for the Bearded Vulture

Dane Paijmans (2016-11-10)

Dylan Burmester