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Oystercatcher Conservation Programme

Researcher/s: Douglas Loewenthal, Phillip Hockey, Dane Paijmans, Many More

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Species: African Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus moquini)
Location: Coast of Southern Africa, Whole Country, Southern Africa
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Running From: 1979 to present
Ring Type: Legring: Engraved colour rings
Colour Combination: Colours vary per region (see image)

The FitzPatrick Institute’s Black Oystercatcher Programme is a long-term research activity (>30 years) that has gained a very good understanding of many aspects of the biology and population dynamics of African Black Oystercatchers. The projects executed up until now have established an upward trend in population numbers which bode well for the future of this species.

The colour rings used for this project range over the years from basic colour ring combinations to the coloured alpha/numeric rings we use today. The current projects ring chicks from the various regions (Figure) with set colours enscribed with a three digit number. Metal rings are then used on the opposite leg.

Papers Pubished from this project

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