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Afring News online accepts papers containing ringing information about birds. This includes interesting ringing trips,interesting captures, faunistic observations relating to ringing, and analyses of ringing data. It will also consider for publication a variety of other interesting or relevant ornithological material: reports of projects and conferences, and any other interesting or relevant material.

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Journal Year Volume Title Authors PDF
Namibian Journal of Environment20249D(0):-Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor Gmelin 1788 on its non-breeding grounds: comparative biometrics, moult data and criteria to determine age and sexBryson U, Paijmans DM http:
The Lark: The Birdlife Polokwane Magazine2023(49):81-90The Limpopo Gurney’s Sugarbird Project: 2017–2023de Swardt Dawid H, Engelbrecht D http:
Dutch Birding202345():73-116Horus Swift: identification, plumage variation and distributionJansen JJFJ
Journal of Ornithology2022():-First observation of a brood patch on a male sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina)Clusella-Trullas S, D'Alba L, Nicolaï MPJ, Rogalla S, Shawkey MD, Teifel R, Vandomme V https
Namibian Journal of Environment20215():-Common Fiscal (Lanius collaris) Linnaeus, 1766: comparative biometrics, moult data and criteria for the determination of age and sexBryson U, Paijmans D http:
Journal of Ornithology2021():-Body mass during the spring migration period of two long‑lived seabirds varies with capture date, age, sex, and natal originDefourny H, Degros A, Degros E, Monticelli D https
The European Zoological Journal202188(1):279-288Sexual size dimorphism and sex determination in Blacksmith Lapwing Vanellus armatus (Burchell, 1822) (Charadriiformes: Charadriidae)Meissner W, Pilacka L, Remisiewicz M https
Ostrich201991(2):1-1Supplementary data: Summarising biometrics from the SAFRING databaseLee A, Oschadleus HD, Rose S, Thomson R http:
Ostrich201991(2):1-1Summarising biometrics from the SAFRING database for southern African birdsLee A, Oschadleus HD, Rose S, Thomson R http:
Bothalia2019Vol 49(1):1-15 Using large-scale citizen science ringing data as a means of calculating maximum longevity in birds Paijmans, Oschadleus HD, Rose S https
Biodiversity Observations201910(11):1-11 SAFRING Ringing Report for 2017 Paijmans, Oschadleus HD, Rose S, Thomson RL https
Bothalia201949(1):a2333-a2333How far and how old: Longevity and displacement records from the South African Bird Ringing Scheme for Ardeidae, Threskiornithidae and CiconiidaeOschadleus Dieter, Paijmans Dane, Rose Sanjo https
SAFRING Website2018():-SAFRING 2017 ReportDane M., H. Dieter, Robert L., Sanjo Rose http:
Promerops2018310(1):8-8 Check it out! Colour ringing Pale Chanting GoshawksRose Sanjo, Visagie Ronelle https
Promerops2018311(1):20-20SAFRING Longevity for the Red-winged Starling (Onychognathus morio)Paijmans Dane https
Lanioturdus201851(1):40-432016 SAFRING ringing statistics for NamibiaOschadleus Dieter, Paijmans Dane .
KZN Birds201752(0):11-122016 SAFRING ringing statistics for KZNPaijmans Dane .
The Hornbill2017126(0):29-292016 SAFRING ringing statistics for MpumalangaPaijmans Dane .
Promerops2017309(0):12-12A new SAFRING longevity record for the Rock Kestrel (Falco rupicolus)Paijmans Dane .
African Zoology20170(0):1-6Longevity summary from 69 years of Estrildidae ringing data in southern AfricaOschadleus HD, Rose Sanjo http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(48):1-4Maximum longevities and causes of death in kingfishers from SAFRING dataRose Sanjo http:
The Bee-eater201768(2):45-45SAFRING ringing statistics for the Eastern Cape for 2016Paijmans Dane na
Biodiversity Observations20178(39):1-4Three shades of brown: Lark-like Buntings Emberiza impetuani with colour aberrationsFranke-Bryson Ursula http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(38):1-2Unusual prey of a Southern White-crowned ShrikeEngelbrecht Daniel, Engelbrecht G http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(36):1-8SAFRING Ringing Report for 2016Catto Sarah, Oschadleus H., Paijmans Dane http:
Zoological Journal - ЗООЛОГИЧЕСКИЙ ЖУРНАЛ201796(4):418-428Migratory Connectivity of South African Cattle Egrets (Bubulcus ibis, Ciconiiformes, Ardeidae)Kopij Grzegorz https
The Kite2017116(0):4-42016 SAFRING ringing statistics for the Western CapePaijmans Dane .
Ostrich201788(2):163-166SAFRING longevity and movement records for southern African vultures (subfamilies Aegypiinae and Gypaetinae)Catto Sarah, Oschadleus H., Paijmans Dane http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(33):1-8SAFRING Ringing Report for 2015Craig Christie, Johnson Laurie, Oschadleus H., Paijmans Dane http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(13):1-14Return to a Zambian Jewel: A research stay at Mutinondo Wilderness LodgeFranke-Bryson Ursula http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(25):1-5Cape White-eyes in the Eastern Cape: plumage characters, survival, and movementsCraig Adrian, Galpin Mark, Hulley Patrick, Tree Anthony http:
Swara20170(0):50-54Ringing at Ngulia to map avian migrationWatson Rupert http:
Biodiversity Observations20178(22):1-2Abnormal eye colour in a Sombre Greenbul Andropadus importunus.Webb Stacey http:
Acrocephalus201637(170):159-170Ringing of White Storks Ciconia ciconia in NE Slovenia during the 1984–2013 periodBračko Franc http:
PhD Thesis20161(0):1-245Citizen science reveals complex changes in barn swallow phenology in South Africa over three decadesBurman Marc https
PhD Thesis20161(0):1-172The use of ringing data in the study of climatic influences on common passerinesJansen Dorine https
Marine Ornithology201644(0):1-2Long-distance dispersal of a Cape Gannet Morus capensis after extended period of nest-site fidelityJordaan Rowan, McIntyre Trevor http:
Ostrich20160(0):1-6Gender-related morphometric differences in mature and nestling Crowned Eagles, with comments on ringing of eagle nestlings in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaBrown Mark, Downs Colleen, McPherson Shane http:
Ibis201612445(12445):1-6Using field photography to study avian moultFurness Robert, Nager Ruedi, Vieira Bianca http:
Lanioturdus201649(3):12-13MethuselahPaijmans Dane -
Bokmakierie2016247(1):30-31Mass Bird Fatality in Vanderbijlpark, GautengPaijmans Dane http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(86):1-14Swifter than swifts: second Eurasian Hobby ringed in NamibiaFranke-Bryson Ursula http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(82):1-6Tip of the iceberg: hybrid Cape Sparrow and Great Sparrow in NamibiaFranke-Bryson Ursula http:
Bokmakierie2016246(3):30-30Oldest Southern Masked WeaverOschadleus Dieter http:
Bokmakierie2016246(3):29-30Long lived Cape Robin-chat (Cossypha caffra)Paijmans Dane http:
African Birdlife20165(1):52-55The value of ringingMiles D na
Biodiversity Observations20167(78):1-3Clever little hunters: catching Capped Wheatear and Mountain Wheatear in the Namibian semi-desertFranke-Bryson Ursula http:
The Bee-eater201667(2):44-44Weaver Longevity Records from the Eastern CapeCraig Adrian, Oschadleus Dieter
The Bee-eater201667(2):48-48Interesting African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) RecoveryPaijmans Dane
Biodiversity Observations20167(73):1-5Fennoscandian-ringed Western Osprey recovery, Ingula, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.Colyn R, Smit-Robinson HA http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(64):1-4Observations on a Secretarybird nest at Langfontein, Petrusburg district, Free Statede Swardt Dawid H http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(63):1-11Report on the 2014 ringing yearOschadleus H, Paijmans Dane http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(59):1-18Longevity records of southern African weaversOschadleus Dieter http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(49):1-3Black-headed Herons preying on weaversOschadleus Dieter http:
Waterfall Birding20161(1):34-35Bird Ringing on WaterfallMcLuskie Jim http:
Bird Study20160(0):1-6Seasonal patterns in space use of Black Sparrowhawks Accipiter melanoleucus in an urban environmentAmar Arjun, Koeslag Ann, Sumasgutner Petra, Tate Gareth http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(27):1-3African Black Oystercatcher fatality as a result of fishing linePaijmans DM, Stewart M http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(26):1-2Secretarybird Sagittaruis serpentaruis resighted after 5 Swardt Dawid H. http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(23):1-4Birds ringed and recaptured at Kalkwal, Free Statede Swardt Dawid H. http:
Ibis201600(0):1-9Fledgling survival increases with development time and adult survival across north and south temperate zonesLloyd Penn, Martin Thomas http:
Journal of Animal Ecology201600(0):1-13Family morph matters: factors determining survival and recruitment in a long-lived polymorphic raptorAmar A, Koeslag A, Sumasgutner P, Tate GJ http:
Behavioral Ecology201600(0):1-10Sexually selected sentinels? Evidence of a role for intrasexual competition in sentinel behaviorWalker Lindsay, York Jenny, Young Andrew https
Ecology and Evolution20166(1):1008-1015Dominant male song performance reflects current immune state in a cooperatively breeding songbirdGroothuis Ton, Radford Andrew, York Jenny, Young Andrew http:
Ostrich201687(1):81-83Longevity and survival of the Endangered Seychelles Magpie Robin Copsychus sechellarumBurt April, Gane Julie http:
Marine Ornithology201644(1):1-2Long-distance dispersal of a Cape Gannet Morus capensis after an extended period of nest-site fidelityJordaan Rowan K, Mcintyre Trevor http:
Movement Ecology20164(8):1-19Exploring the environmental drivers of waterfowl movement in arid landscapes using first-passage time analysisAment JM, Cumming GS, Henry DAW http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(8):1-2Garden Warbler ringed in Cape TownOschadleus HD, Schultz B, Schultz S http:
Biodiversity Observations20167(6):1-4Bird population trends in a patch of temperate forest on the Drakensberg escarpment, MpumalangaWilliams DM http:
Ringing & Migration201530(2):84-147Bird ringing and nest recording in Britain and Ireland in 2014Barber LJ, Barimore CJ, Kew AJ, Leech DI, Moss D, Robinson RA, Walker RH http:
Ardea2015(103):163-174Climatic influences on survival of migratory African Reed Warblers Acrocephalus baeticatus in South AfricaAltwegg R, Jansen DYM, Wilson AM http:
Afring News2015(44):16-16Westerly range extension of Knysna Woodpecker, Campathera notata. Ford MA http:
The Bee-eater, Newsletter of BirdLife Eastern Cape201566(2):29-29SAFRING ringing statistics for the Eastern Cape, 2014.Paijmans D
Thai J Vet Med.2015(45):101-111Antibiotic Resistance and Molecular Characterization of Enterobacter cancerogenus Isolated from Wild Birds in Taif Province, Saudi Arabia.Abo-Amer AE, Shobrak MY www.t
Scopus2015(35):39-43Preliminary observations of birds of Songo Songo Island, Tanzania.Nahonyo CL, Werema C
Scopus2015(34):40-46Understorey bird abundance and diversity before and after a forest fire in Mangala Forest Reserve on the eastern slopes of the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania.Werema C http:
Promerops2015(301):14-14Sunbird crèche?Oschadleus HD, Schultz B
Promerops2015303(1):25-252014/15 SAFRING ringing statistics for the Western Cape.Paijmans D
Promerops2015(302):20-21Many Red-billed Quelea and a pratincole at Vyevlei.Fincham J, Oschadleus HD
Promerops2015(301):13-14Brown-throated Martins at Springfield.Oschadleus HD
PLoS One2015():online-Immune Response in a Wild Bird Is Predicted by Oxidative Status, but Does Not Cause Oxidative Stress.Blount JD, Cram DL, York JE, Young AJ http:
Ostrich2015():online-Population metrics for fynbos birds, South Africa: densities, and detection and capture rates from a Mediterranean-type ecosystem.Barnard P, Hockey PAR, Lee ATK http:
Ostrich20153(86):295-296First Red-billed Quelea breeding record in the winter rainfall region of South Africa.Oschadleus HD http:
MSc2015():51+ pp-Bird communities in sun and shade coffee farms in Kenya.Smith C http:
Molecular Ecology2015():online-Fine-scale genetic structure reflects sex-specific dispersal strategies in a population of sociable weavers ().Covas R, Doutrelant C, Hatchwell BJ, Spottiswoode CN, van Dijk RE http:
Lanioturdus20153(48):19-22Namibia Bird Club Kavango/Zambezi Region Trip 2014.Thomson N
KZN Birds2015(46):23-25The Cape Weaver in eastern Zululand.Oschadleus D
KZN Birds2015(44):12-18Ringing birds in a Sappi forest garden.Oschadleus D, Oschadleus HD
KZN Birds201545(1):13-132014 SAFRING ringing statistics for KZN.Paijmans D
Kite2015(106):7-7Ringing report.McCall M, Silks L
Kite2015(107):7-7Ringing report.McCall M
Journal of Ornithology2015():online-Body reserves in intra-African migrants.Cresswell W, Nwaogu CJ http:
Journal of evolutionary Biology2015():online-Disruptive viability selection on a black plumage trait associated with dominance.Acker P, Covas R, Doutrelant C, Grégoire A, Hatchwell BJ, Kaden JC, Paquet M, Pradel R, Rat M, Spottiswoode CN, van Dijk RE http:
Journal of Animal Ecology2015():online-Antagonistic effect of helpers on breeding male and female survival in a cooperatively breeding bird.Covas R, Doutrelant C, Hatchwell BJ, Paquet M, Spottiswoode CN http:
Japanese Bird Banding Scheme2015(26):1-100Report on the Japanese Bird Banding Scheme for 2013.
Emu20151(115):49-57The importance of winter-flowering for specialist and generalist nectar-feeding birds.Craig AJFK, Forbes RW, Hulley PE, Jones SS, Kuiper TR, Smith DL, Wolmarans MHL http:
Diversity and Distributions2015():online-Using molecular tools to guide management of invasive alien species: assessing the genetic impact of a recently introduced island bird population.Bourgeois YXC, Bunbury N, Fleischer-Dogley F, Groombridge J, Jackson H, van de Crommenacker J, Warren BH http:
Check List20155(11):1-15Birds of the Man and Biosphere Reserve of Luki, Bas-Congo province, Democratic Republic of Congo.Andersen MJ, Bakambana TL, Kahindo C, Kalemba LN, Liyandja TLD, Malekani JM, Marks BD, Oliveros CH http:
Bulletin of the African Bird Club20152(22):171-182Bird functional diversity in the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve, DR Congo.Angenonga U, Bapeamoni F, Cooleman S, Lens L, Louette M https
Biological Conservation2015(187):230-239Urban land use does not limit weaver bird movements between wetlands in Cape Town, South Africa.Calder J-L, Cumming GS, Maciejewski K, Oschadleus HD http:
Behavorial Ecology and Sociobiology2015():online-Relatedness predicts multiple measures of investment in cooperative nest construction in sociable weavers.Echeverri S, Heinrich D, Kolberg H, Leighton GM http:
Behavorial Ecology and Sociobiology2015():online-Dominance hierarchies and associated signalling in a cooperative passerine.Covas R, Doutrelant C, Rat M, van Dijk RE http:
Avian Biology Research20152(8):104-108Stable isotope signatures reveal cryptic differences in diet of Sociable Weavers.Echeverri S, Leighton GM http:
Animal Behaviour2015(102):251-258A cross-fostering experiment reveals that prenatal environment affects begging behaviour in a cooperative breeder.Covas R, Doutrelant C, Paquet M http:
African Journal of Ecology2015():-Seasonal variation in understorey bird species diversity and abundance in the Uluguru Nature Reserve, Tanzania.Werema C http:
Afring News201544():11-15Bird ringing report for July 2006 to December 2013. Afring News 44: 11-15Oschadleus HD, Paijmans DM http:
Israeli Bird Ringing Journal20151(1):2-37The Israeli Bird Ringing Journal 2015Israeli Bird Ringing Scheme http:
Afring News201544():9-10Rock Kestrel attack on a Cape Rockjumper caught in a spring trap.Lee ATK, Oswald, KN http:
Unpublished Article2015():1-100Seabird Bycatch: Identification GuideTRC http:
Afring News201544(1):1-8Winter's Boon: Ringing Birds At Eastern Cape Aloe PatchesCraig A.J.F.K, Galpin M.P, Hulley P.E, Kuiper T, Smith D.L, Wolmarans M.H.L http:
Avian Ecology and Behaviour201425(1):27-60Results of bird trapping and ringing by the Biological Station Rybachy on the Courish Spit in 2013Bolshakov CV, Leoke DYu, Shapoval AP, Zelenova NP http:
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Physiological and Biochemical Zoology (was PZ)20146(87):782-795The impact of humidity on evaporative cooling in small desert birds exposed to high air temperatures.Gerson AR, McKechnie AE, Smit B, Smith EK, Wolf BO http:
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Ornithological Observations2014(5):139-247Birds of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, South Western Cape, South Africa.Fraser M
Oecologia2014():online-Mass gained during breeding positively correlates with adult survival because both reflect life history adaptation to seasonal food availability.Cox DTC, Cresswell W
MSc2014():61 pp-Weaving through the matrix: Investigating the influence of urban land use on weaver bird movements into and out of Cape Town wetlands.Calder JL
Molecular Ecology2014():online-Population genetic structure and direct observations reveal sex-reversed patterns of dispersal in a cooperative bird.Harrison XA, York JE, Young AJ http:
Molecular Ecology2014():online-Behaviour-related DRD4 polymorphisms in invasive bird populations.Blas J, Carrete M, Dingemanse NJ, Edelaar P, Kempenaers B, Mueller JC, Potti J, Serrano D, Tella JL
Lanioturdus20142(47):21-21Red eyed female Southern Masked-Weaver.Thomson N
Lanioturdus20144(47):14-17Ringing with Poles: Barberspan Ringers Conference 27 November 2013 to 03 December 2013.Thomson N http:
Laniarius2014(127):24-25My eerste ervaring van ree:n tydens 'n ring-uitstappie.Swart E
Laniarius2014(128):8-9Bird Ringing.du Plooy F
Kite2014(104):7-7Ringing report.McCall M
Kite2014(105):7-7Ringing report.McCall M
Kite2014(103):7-7Ringing report.McCall M
Journal of Ornithology2014():online-Light intensity alters the stimulatory effects of long photoperiod, but does not alter critical photoperiod in the Indian Weaver Bird ().Bhardwaj SK, Pandey RK http:
Indian Journal of Experimental Biology2014(52):510-515Effects of light intensity on circadian activity behaviour in the Indian weaverbird ().Bhardwaj SK, Pandey RK
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Hornbill2014(113):14-15A bird in the hand is… Part 3.Williams D
Hornbill2014(112):2-2A bird in the hand is… Part 2.Williams D
Hornbill2014():12-13A bird in the hand is ……… (Part 4) .Williams D https
Functional Ecology2014():online-Oxidative status and social dominance in a wild cooperative breeder.Blount JD, Cram DL, Young AJ http:
Folia Parasitologica20145(61):394-400Quill mites of the subfamily Picobiinae (Acari: Syringophilidae) parasitising African birds, with description of two new species.Hromada M, Klimovičovtá M, Skoracki M, Wamiti W http:
Ecology Letters2014():online-Cooperative investment in public goods is kin directed in communal nests of social birds.Argüelles-Ticó A, Burke T, Dawson DA, Hatchwell BJ, Kaden JC, van Dijk RE
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Bulletin of the African Bird Club20142(21):131-131An environmentally friendly means of controlling Red-billed Queleas?
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology20144(45):1199-1209Role of wild birds as carriers of multi-drug resistant and .Abo-Amer AE, Shobrak MY http:
BirdWatch Zambia20146(44):1-4The Zambian Barn Swallow Project.van den Brink B
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Aardvark2014():10-11The Diamond Route.MacFadyen D
Afring News201443(1):23-26Longevity and ring wear in Short-clawed Larks Certhilauda chuana.Engelbrecht D http:
Afring News201443(1):21-22South African Cape Vulture released in Namibia in 2005 is back in South Africa.Diekmann M, Neser W, Verdoorn G, Wolter K http:
Afring News201443(1):20-20Unusual vent colouration in a Dark-capped Bulbul Pycnonotus tricolor.van Eeden P http:
Afring News201443(1):16-19Notes on the feeding behavior, ageing and biometrics of Burchell's Coucal Centropus burchellii.van Eeden P http:
Afring News201443(1):14-15"Extra-remigial" feathers in a Crested Barbet Trachyphonus vaillantii.van Eeden P http:
Afring News201443(1):11-13Seychelles Fody longevity.Oschadleus H.D http:
Afring News201443(1):9-10Protocols for mass capturing, handling, and fitting tracking devices on vultures.Hirschauer M.T, Neser W , Wolter K http:
Afring News201443(1):3-8Recapture and movement data of Gurney?s Sugarbird Promerops gurneyi in the Lydenburg area, Mpumalanga province, over nearly three Swardt D.H http:
Afring News201443(1):1-2Hybrid Barn Swallow/Common House Martin.Pickles A http:
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Laniarius2013(125):14-16Ek ring my 1ste roofvoe:l!Louwrens W
Laniarius2013(126):7-8Ek ring voe:ls in die suide van KwaZulu-Natal: Oktober 2013.Louwrens W
Laniarius2013(125):11-13Drie kort winteruitstappies saam met die klub.Geggus E
Kite2013(101):4-4Groot Phesantekraal Outing - 04 September 2013.Crewe B
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Kite2013(100):7-7Wednesday, 08 May 2013. Goedeontmoeting farm, Philadelphia.Thompson H
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